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The Beauty of Icorzy by Thoroughbreds4Me

Oh my gosh! This is absolutely perfect. The shading on the body, mane and tail is wonderful. The pose is stunning, and her color is ver...


SVS 2635 Venus by RussianDemon5
SVS 2635 Venus
Isn't she lovely? :love:
ID: 2635
Official name: SVS 2635 Venus
Stable Name: V, Venus
Breed: Pure Padro
Age: Yearling
Gender: Mare/Female
Personality: Venus is the perfect example of a flirt. She is always fluttering her long lashes at a colt, and knows she is beautiful. She is a prancer and a show off, and loves to flirt with a boy and make him fall for her. With her handlers, she is sweet and gentle, but has her bratty moments.
Coat Color: Blue roan REBEENA (splash carrier)
Genotype: Ee/aa/nR/nSpl/RbnRbn/max
Eyes: Blue
Rare Points:
Ee aa +1
Roan +3
Splash +3
Build +2

Total: 19

Registered: Yes
Breeding spots: 12
Class: common
Build: Light
Padro points: 7
Linage: Starter
Breeding: Open
1- mine
2- mine
3- mine
4- mine
5- ArtOfFreedom
6- 10 PP of her
7- 10 PP of her
8- 10 PP of her
9- closed
10- closed
11- closed
12- closed
RP? open
Original Design:
Breed and design by ArtOfFreedom , art and character by me.
Custom UV Import by RussianDemon5
Custom UV Import
A custom for chane-the-great for making me a breed sheet for my breed. ^^ thank you so much! :heart:
ID: 3012
Official Name: **
Breed: Una Virgata Heavy Type
Type: Heavy
Age: above 3
Gender: Mare/Female
Stones: none
Coat color: Grullo dun blanket with bird catcher spots
Stripe color: purple (her favorite color :))
Eye color: Faded teal
Breed slots: 10, I get a slot (ONLY PURE UV)
**NOTE: This is optional, but her eye color looks like she is blind, so she can be blind if you want ^^'
Breeding genes:
Grullo dun 50%
Purple stripe color 75%
Bird catcher spots 100%
Mutation 20%
Stripe: 100%
UV Standards 100%
If chosen to be blind, bad eye sight genes will be passed on.
Grullo dun +6
Purple +7
Heavy +4
Birdcatcher spots +4
Appy mutation +6

Total: 27 points
All is by me. Please do not steal.
To order a custom, just note me. I do not accept points, only art! :D
Free Lunging by RussianDemon5
Free Lunging
Free lunging training for Jolly ^^
Valor so far:
Colored head shot: +1 vp
Two colored full bodies: +4 vp
Two training images: +3 vp

Total: 8 vp :)
Jolly: earthbutt :D
SVS 012 Vulpes by RussianDemon5
SVS 012 Vulpes
I don't know why but she reminds me of a fox...? I love her though. :love:
ID: 012
Official Name: SVS 012 Vulpes
Stable Name: Fox
Meaning: "Fox" in Latin
Breed: Armenian Rrazmik
Color: Chestnut tovero brindle
Genotype: ee/Aa/nT/nO
Build: Classic
Height: 17.2 hh
Age: 4
Gender: Mare/Female
Personality: Fox is just like her name, like a fox. She is quiet and no one has ever heard her make a sound. No neigh, no nicker, not even when she walks. Once you get to know her, she is a sweet, loyal mare with a heart of gold.
Bloodline: Starter
RP? Open
Original Design:
Breeding: Open only to Armenian Rrazmiks
1- mine
2- mine
3- mine
4- mine
5- designer
6- art auction
7- closed
8- closed
9- closed
10- closed
All rights reserved.
Art Payment by RussianDemon5
Art Payment
Payment for MyaBear21 's adoptable that I really love:
Featuring her Nordanner Bullet ^^
SVS has needed a new employee for a while now, and I'm suffering a human art block, so I will write a story about him! Reference to come. Enjoy!
"Good morning!" Austin yelled happily as he ran into the barn. This was an everyday thing. Jake and Kelly sighed as they continued saddling up their horses, Jake with Volu and Kelly with Magna. Austin chuckled.
"Am I the only one in a good mood today?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Jake blew air from his nose.
"Your always in a good mood." Kelly pointed out, grinning. Austin returned the grin and went to catch Wolf. Just then, a truck pulled into the driveway. The person who stepped out was a muscular, tan, brown haired boy. He was about Austin's height, almost 6".
"Um," Kelly stuttered. She had never seen a boy so cute in her life. "Hello there."
The boy grinned, fixing his icy blue eyes on her. "Hey."
"And who are you?" Jake asked, interrupting the moment. He didn't like this guy already, Kelly was his. Well, not officially. He wanted them to be.
"Aaron," He said, holding out his hand. "And you are?"
"Jake." He said, shaking his hand. Austin noticed the tension and stepped out of the room.
"Off to new places!" He yelled, ditching the scene.
"I'm looking to apply here." Aaron said, grinning at Jake. "I've heard great things about this place."
"Have you?" Jake said, pleased with himself. He had worked hard to get this place well known and liked, even though he wasn't a huge fan of attention.
"I'm afraid we-"
"Are taking new stable hands!" Kelly interrupted. She was not going to let a boy like this leave without a job. "Do you have experience with horses?"
"Yes," he said, nervously looking around. "Very, very naughty ones at that."
"What's wrong?" Kelly asked, noticing his discomfort. Aaron sighed and scratched the back if his neck. "Well you see.."
"Hello darling." A voice echoed. Kelly whirled around to nothing there, confused.
"What was that?" She stared at Aaron, Jake doing the same.
"I have that very naughty horse with me." He mumbled. Thats when the stallion appeared out of thin air into Jakes face.
"Got a problem?" He snarled, squinting at Jake. Jake widened his eyes and stifled a scream. He the stallion chuckled, pleased. He was a large horse, with a black coat and glowing blue markings like Silvas. His two sets of horns glowed brighter than anything else, sharp and profound. His long maw was outlined into a blue smile marking, suiting his personality, with a glowing sun on his neck.
"I sense your displeasure with my master?" He growled, touching Jakes chin with his long tail.
"Er.. No." Jake stumbled, surprised. He didn't expect this kind of horse.
"Do you know what I am, boy?" He whispered. Jake shook his head, glancing at Kelly, who was hidden behind Aaron.
"I am a shapeshifter." He mumbled, looking at Kelly and Aaron. He smirked, and looked back at Jake.
"Don't try to hide anything from me," he growled again. "I know everything from a glance. Your love for that girl to your distaste of my boy." He bared his sharp teeth at him one last time, then disappeared. Jake had turned red as a tomato by now, and looked over at his spectators. Kelly had locked on to Aaron, who had his arm protectively around her. She was terrified.
"Holy shit." Kelly gasped, looking at Jake. "Are you okay?"
Jake shook his head and walked away, locking himself in the tack room, humiliated. Kelly sighed and let go of Aaron, smiling.
"Well," she whispered. "You've got two things: good looks and a job. Just keep your stallion under control." Aaron chuckled and put his arm around her.
"Oh don't worry. As long as your around there won't be a problem.
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Custom Equus Daemon Mare
Equus Daemon Mare Sheet by RussianDemon5
Please add this to your request-

Coat Color-

Type (Draft, Light, or Mini)-

Horn color (eyes horns and hooves are always the same)-




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